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“Kavourma” with Buffalo Meat


“Kavourma” with Buffalo Meat (200gr)

Unique buffalo meat product mixed with 100% Greek veal meat from the region of the Lake Kerkini.

The pure raw materials, the salt, the black peppercorns and all spice bring out its rich flavor. Boiled in its broth for almost

4 hours. Based on a traditional recipe tied with the region’s gastronomy.

Brought by the refugees from Pontus, Asia Minor and Thrace.

“Kavourma” with Buffalo Meat





Available in vacuum packaging.
❄️ ❄️ Store in the refrigerator at a temperature of 0°C to 4°C ❄️ ❄️

24 Quality Awards

24 Quality Awards

Consumer Award for Best Business 2019

Consumer Award for Best Business 2019

Over 300 Points of Sale Nationwide

Over 300 Points of Sale Nationwide

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Buffalo meat is distinguished for its rich nutritional value, as it is an important source of iron, phosphorus and Vitamin A and its high protein content.

An important feature is its low fat (1.3% – 1.8%), which make it an ideal food for the whole family but also for people with special dietary requirements (such as athletes, people with cholesterol)

More and more dietitians are proposing the inclusion of buffalo meat in the daily diet, due to its unique quality and nutritional characteristics.

Comparative Chart

Nutritional Value of Buffalo Meat (in%)

Average values obtained from research by the University of Naples, Italy.

Calories are per 100gr

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